Beaded Sculptures Patterns

8 - Peacock
Pattern from MK Perles

9 - Tree Frog

Pattern from Mis Abalorios

38 - Alice in Wonderland

Pattern from “Art Beads”

11 - Blue Marlin

24 - Beaded Pig

22 - Beaded Crocodile A

Pattern from the book
Les animaux en perle


MK Perles (French)
3D & Flat Small Animal & Character Patterns

Natalyne (French)
3D Small Animal Patterns

Bead Jewelry Making (English)
3D Small Animal Patterns

Mis Abalorios (Spanish)
3D & Flat Small Animal & Character Patterns

Patrons Animaux (French)
3D Small Animal Patterns

Bijoux Faciles (French)
3D Small Animal Patterns

“Perlentiere” (German)
3D & Japanese Style Animal, Character, Plant & Object Patterns (English)
Flat Small Animal Patterns

Marion les perles (French)
3D Animal & Character Patterns

Art Beads (Korean)
Japanese Style Character & Object Patterns

Beadie Critter Collection (English)
Flat Animal, Character & Objects Patterns

Perles Zen (French)
3D & Japanese Style Animal & Plant Patterns

Heartbead PDF Magazines (German)
Small 3D, Japanese Style & Flat Animal, Plant, Character & Object Patterns

Agent Doppelnuller (German & English)
Medium & Small 3D Pokemon Patterns


“Animaux en perles d’une beauté naturelle” (French)
3D Small Animal Patterns

“Perlentiere vom Eismeer bis zur Südsee” (German)
3D Small Animal Patterns

“Faszinierende Perlentiere,Quer Durchs Tierreich” (German)
3D Small Animal Patterns

“Neue Perlentiere: Eindrucksvoll naturalistisch” (German)
3D Small Animal Patterns

“Beaded Miniature Menagerie”(English)
Easy Japanese Style Small Animal Patterns

“Animaux en perle” (French)
3D Small & Medium Animal Patterns

“Animaux miniatures japonais en perle” (French)
Japanese Style Animal Patterns

Les animaux en perle (French)
Large 3D Animal & Plant Patterns

“Un monde enchanté en perles” (French)
Large 3D Animal Patterns

“Fantasy Perlentiere” (German)
Small & Medium 3D Animal & Characters Patterns

Beaded Sculptures Inspiration


Agent Doppelnuller (German & English)
Gorgeous Pokemon & Animal Bead Sculptures

“Perlentiere” (German)
Perlentiere released lots of great beaded pattern books. You can find more than 500 of her bead sculptures on her site.

Les perles de Bunny (French)
Sandrine is a very talented artist and master lots of different techniques. I love browsing through her work.

Clay Sculptures Inspiration & Techniques


CF Originals Website (English)
Lots of beautiful and imaginative animal sculptures

Nakihra Fimo Creations (Italian)
Super cute Disney, Animals & Characters Sculptures

David Fisher’s Clay Sculptures (English)
Very good vignette sculptures

Doreen Smith’s Clay Sculptures (English)
Little Fairy & Mermaid Sculptures


“Under the sea (CF Sculpture)” (English)
How to make some Polymer Clay Aquatic Animals with beads

“The Polymer Clay Techniques Book” (English)
Exactly what the title say. Lots of great and original techniques.

“Elfes, fées et lutins en porcelaine froide” (French)
Technique book to make cute fantasy characters

Felt & Soft Toys Techniques

2 - Zombie Pirate
Pattern from the book
“Zombie Felties”


“Zombie Felties” (English)
A great book that teaches you how to make cute -and not so cute- Zombie characters & animals

“Big Little Felt Universe” (English)
Great book to make objects & food in felt.

“Felt Friends From Japan” (English)
Different techniques to make cute felt animals, characters & flowers,
Japanese style.