Clay Sailor V – Small Size

8 - Sailor V

Sculpture Details:

  • Character: Sailor V from carton Sailor Moon / manga Sailor V
  • Time to make: 3h + baking
  • Difficulty: +++
  • Size: 11.5 cm (S)
  • Materials: Fimo Polymer Clay
  • Date: July 2013
  • Inspired from:“Sailor V Manga picture”

Sailor V is a character from my youth. I used to love watching Sailor Moon on TV, I read the manga too and would just collect everything I would find about it. Sailor V is a very small character in the cartoon as she is actually Sailor Venus past alter ego but she’s quite an interesting character still.

It was entertaining building a sculpture from a picture. It makes you feel you can just build anything as long as you take the time.

This sculpture isn’t perfect of course but it is probably the most detailed one I’ve done so far. Believe it or not the red mask was actually the hardest part to do. Getting its size right was quite difficult. I had to make 4 different ones. My boyfriend helped me to smooth the sculpture at the end, once everything was there, as I ended up stressing too much trying to fix every little imperfection. I know, not good. For my defense it had been a stressful week!


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