Felt Grey Whale – Padded / Medium Size

4 - Felt Grey Whale

Toy Details:

  • Animal: Whale
  • Technique: Padded
  • Time to make: 6h
  • Difficulty: +++
  • Size: 20.5 cm (M)
  • Materials: Felt, yarns, stuffing & copper wire
  • Date: July 2013
  • Pattern: “My own pattern”
The 2nd felt toy I made from one of my design. The penguin was cute but a bit too simple, I felt like trying something a bit more adventurous for the next one. More than adventurous, this one gave me a headache. I had figured everything out prior to the making, except the grey stitches on the whale’s stomach.
Managing to give those lines the right shape was more difficult than expected and was all about finding the right stitch length. I got there in the end. The rest was fine. Oh and just in case you may have been wondering, the water spray and whale’s tail are standing in the right position thanks to a magic trick called copper wire!


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