Clay Jaws – Medium Size

6 - Jaws (A)6 - Jaws (B)
6 - Jaws (Making A) 6 - Jaws (Making B)  6 - Jaws (Making C)

Sculpture Details:

  • Scenette: Shark Attack from movie “Jaws”
  • Collaboration work with Richard H. Airey
  • Time to make: 10h + baking
  • Difficulty: +++
  • Size: 22 cm (M)
  • Materials: Fimo Polymer Clay, Paint & Tooth Picks
  • Date: December 2012
  • Inspired from: “Another Jaw Sculpture” (Spanish)

My boyfriend and I wanted to work together on a nice project. Sculpting a key scene from a movie seemed like a fun idea. We had just watched “Jaws” a few days before and it felt like the perfect choice. We looked online and found out a few sculptures actually already existed. So we just made our own version. Richard made the boat – which was quite technical – and I made the shark, the man and the sea.

The way the mast got added actually hid my little man completely. That wasn’t necessarily a bad move as it was the only piece that was looking too basic. We struggled to keep the side of the boat straight unfortunately. Next time, we’ll use more materials and we’ll get there. Apart from that, it is still a a lovely sculpture. Building it together enabled us to achieve a better result than if I had done it on my own as we played to each other’s strengths. Final touch: The shark’s teeth glow in the dark! (Thanks glow in the dark clay!)

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