It is amazing all you can do with beads. Sculpting with beads takes a lot of time and patience but the result makes it all worth it. A lot of it is about making the right choices from the start: choosing the right pattern, nice looking beads, a good combination of colours and you’re on a winner!


Sculpting clay can be either suprisingly fast or painfully long. Getting the shapes right can sometimes take a while but once you’re there it’s a walk in the park. Beauty is in the details and carving them is very enjoyable. What I like about clay is that it is very flexible, you can build almost anything you like.


Creating your own little soft toys is really enjoyable. It’s quite easy to come up with something cute or funny that everybody will want to feel. Making felt toys and soft toys is mostly about sewing but it can be quite versatile if you feel inventive. They also make really nice little gifts.


08.02.2014 – 1 Felt pattern added

43 - Large Frog A
6 - Jaws (A)
2 - Zombie Pirate
5 - Felt Flowers
8 - Sailor V
4 - Felt Grey Whale